Project Structure

May 2nd, 2015


  1. Download the OPengine via Github
  2. Open the Cmake GUI
    • Where is the source code:
      • Select the folder for the OPengine source code
    • Where to build the binaries:
      • Select a target folder to build the engine (This should be a folder different from the source code)
  3. Click the Generate button
    • Select the Visual Studio generator that you want to use (and have). The version of Visual Studio that you choose will determine the architecture type (x86 or x64)
  4. Go to the "build the binaries" folder you selected and open the OPengine.sln
  5. In Visual Studio build the solution
  6. Run the Application project
    • You may need to manually choose the project
    • You can make it the default project by right clicking Application and choosing "Set as Startup"